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Neon Multicolor Zigzag Wayuu Pattern Bag

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35 USD$ Tribal Handmade Shoulderbags  .All mochilas are cotton crochet bags woven in 2 thread cotton fibres. These crochet crafts stand out by their bright colors and complex designs; all  wayuu patterns are inspired by natural surroundings of La Guajira.

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Authentic Wayuu Patterns

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Large Wayuu Bag´s Height 31cm
Large Wayuu Bag´s Width 22cm
Weight 600gr

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Neon Multicolor Zigzag Pattern Shoulderbags of La Guajira

South American Guajiro Wayuu Mochilas are one of the most outstanding handicrafts of the Wayuu community.They are traditionally handwoven by  women of La Guajira, in some cases taking up to 2 weeks for them to be completely woven.All of them are 100% handmade in Cotton Thread and are traditionally used as fishing net and personal use item carriers.

Mochila Patterns simbolize elements  of the tribe´s natural surroundings . Desertic natural landscapes and animal imagery of  La Guajira are symbolically embeded in each mochila pattern.It is common for indigenous handicrafts to include elements of animal and natural imagery with symbolical cultural relevance in its motifs. 

Colombian weave is conceived by the Wayuu people in the following popular beleif.

The story tells that spider Wale´ Keru first taught the weaving techinique to a single woman that then transmitted it to her family by exchanging her knowledge for clothing and goods. Story tells that Wale´ Keru fell in love with a man; and after fleeing with him she was offered cotton as a gift ,which she swallowed and then expelled as a twisted stream of woven cotton threads.

The tribe is settled  in the northern peninsula of South America, between Venezuela and Colombia´s region of La Guajira.This arid and dry landscape, poor on water and natural resources is oddly the birthplace of the color-rich and complex patterned mochilas.Wayuunaki is their main language and the tribe greatly outnumbers other indigenous population in Venezuela. 

The main types of wayuu mochilas depend on their shape and their size.Crochet crafts offered in this page are mainly Susu crochet bags. There is nevertheless a wide range of mochilas that are traditionally used by guajiro people to fulfill specific needs. Aswell as Susu multicolor and Single-Color mochilas, there are other  mochila bags that are woven by the tribe such as Susuchon mochilas, Kapatera mochilas,Susuainiakajatu mochilas,Piula mochilas and Susu Uttiakajamatu.

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